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Broken Service

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Director: Chris Guiral


USMC Veteran Francis saves his fellow Marine and best friend John from suicide, only to fall into a downward spiral himself. As his friend recovers, Francis descends further into his repressed pain, despite his wife - and John's sister- Emily's best efforts to help him. As John reconciles his past with therapy, Emily tries desperately to keep Francis from falling into his own abyss..

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Key Makeup Artist

Director:  Jennifer Kramer


A disabled girl rejected by her mother and society feels emotionally exiled and broken. Living without attachment, she longs for the love everyone needs to survive or risks ceasing to exist.

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Assistant Makeup Artist

Director: Olia Oparina


A sane woman fakes the symptoms of a mentally unstable patient in order to be admitted into a mental institution for a secret psychiatric experiment.

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The American King

Makeup Artist

Director:  Adah Obekpa


In 2020, a mysterious Priestess arrives in the USA to fulfill a 400 year old Prophecy: to choose an American King (Akon) who will rebuild an ancient African Kingdom . The CIA scrambles to find information for the President, leading to the unraveling of the most guarded Secret about the founding of the USA. The President running for re-election, has to decide if he can Make Africa Great Again.

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No More Chances

Makeup Artist

Director:  Joel David Santner


After surviving a brutal amputation during the Civil War, James Hanger returns home emotionally and physically broken. In order to survive his depression, he designs and builds the first prosthetic leg with knee and ankle joints.

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Life Is Horrible

Assistant Makeup Artist & Special Makeup Effects

Director: Rachel Zhou


Life is Horrible is a horror comedy on ordinary folks who suddenly found themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations. The stories would typically end with an ironic twist.

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