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About Me

"So many of my dreams were to actually be able to make a living of what I did as a hobby."

My name is Antonina. I have been working in the film and television industry as a professional makeup artist since 2013. I am committed to the health and sanitation of my clients, and the artistic medium of makeup and special effects. Skilled in my craft, with a strong understanding of set-etiquette. From student films to big budget productions, moulage to zombies, photography to videos, proms to weddings, I know that

I have a lot of experience to offer you.


You might wonder how a military veteran became a professional makeup artist.

Well...let me explain. While serving in the U.S. Army as a firefighter I tapped into my inner strength to be resourceful and persevere, no matter what the obstacle. Once I returned from military service I continued to work as a volunteer firefighter and became a licensed EMT. However I still felt like I had not quite found my career of choice, so I went back to college.


Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Art and Design, a fellow classmate, asked for my help with a project, (at the time I did not realize that this was the calling I was searching for). He asked me to help him with a student film that required some blood SFX, and some technical advice. As I was not in the least bit squeamish about blood or the realistic look of wounds,

I was excited to take on this task. I not only helped with the SFX for the film, but I also got involved the other aspects of the film production, and glimpsed what would soon be the beginning of new career as a makeup artist.

My technical skills are up to date and with current with CA health and sanitation standards. I have created convincing trauma such as wounds, chapped lips, sweat, burns, bullets, bites, and scars. Fleshed out zombies, high definition beauty, and tribal warriors. I can design a makeup look for any genre and ethnicity, whether it be natural beauty, or avant garde. I can commit to getting a project done, and still be flexible and efficient enough to make last minute changes as needed.


I continue to enhance my makeup designs and expand my artistic abilities by attending industry related trade shows, classes, conventions, workshops, and networking with other industry professionals.


An effective makeup design can greatly benefit an actor and help them transform into character. I have the tools, skills and abilities to help them perfect their transformation. After all of the time you have spent preparing your project for production, shouldn’t you include a great makeup artist that will reflect your dedication to detail and reflect your vision? My passion and expertise as a MUA will help you complete your project, and bring your characters to life.

– Rick Backer

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